Episode 26: Shark Week Matters…But Why Tho?


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In it’s 29th year, Shark Week has become a pop culture institution. this week, Matt leads the crew through the history of the longest television programming event in history. From it’s roots as a way to raise awareness about shark conservation and teach the Jaws generations the facts about sharks,  to Andy Samberg, docufictions, and the road back to teaching viewers about science and the large under water world of sharks. We welcome shark-lover Kelley from the Murder Dictionary podcast as our special guest. Since this is about Shark Week, Matt drops some shark fun facts throughout the show and showcases how we became a culture that fears shark, when really, we should be protecting them. You know you should live every week like it’s Shark Week, but why tho?


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Vin Diesel playing with Street Sharks


Shark Week footage of a Great White breaching the surface





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