Episode 25: True Crime Matters…But Why Tho?

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**We talk about murder & sexual assault this episode, it is not a detailed recounting of crime, but we thought you should know the topics involved — The BWT? Crew**

True Crime is everywhere. Netflix has been producing original documentaries, podcasts are debuted daily, and Zac Efron is about to bring Ted Bundy to life in a new movie. This week, we tackle a genre that makes some uncomfortable and empowers others: True Crime. Kate brings us through the fact that we have always been obsessed with true crime and why, with help from Brianna from the Murder Dictionary Podcast. We talk about the community that has been built around it, the influence of real life serial killers on our pop culture horror creations, it’s majority female audience, and how learning about heinous crimes helps listeners and readers of the genre cope with their anxieties.


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From Kate:
If you’ve been keeping up with me on twitter then you know that are many issues surrounding the podcast My Favorite Murder and their dismissal of their POC fans. This was recorded before this happened. I talk about the true crime community in a very positive light and plan on addressing the negative in the future.

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