The Other Side of the Wormhole: The Lost Thoughts of But Why Tho? the Podcast

Every episode I do for But Why Tho? I usually do quite a bit of research on each given topic. That also means I can sometimes fall down the internet wormhole and end up with way more information than we need for a 1-hour episode. This also leads to me reading about tangent topics that are important and relevant, but just aren’t necessary for the recordings. Also, here at But Why Tho the Podcast, we try to keep all of our episodes to reasonable times and have come to realize that when we deal with such passionate topics, this is the real challenge. That means quite a bit of information that we would like to talk about in the episode ends up getting cut out.

This segment is where Matt gives his additional thoughts and information on each of our episodes. These include things we happen to miss, didn’t have time for, his feelings on each episode (the likes orrr dislikes), or just a possible tangent topic that he wanted to dive into more. It will also include any possible updates that have occurred since episode was recorded. These are Twitch Stream segments that will be placed here and on our YouTube channel for everyone to check out. Since this is a Twitch stream, there will be interactions and questions from the viewers. (Sidenote: He may occasionally be playing a game of some sort)

If you would like to get involved, feel free to email us or find us on social media with your thoughts and/or questions you would like him to answer. We will also try to post updates at least a few days in advance if you would like to tune-in live.

Check out the playlist below for all of our episodes


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