Episode 18: Sailor Moon Matters…But Why Tho?

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Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running
from a real fight! She’s one names Sailor Moon!

This week we tackle the anime favorite of 90’s kids everywhere: SailorMoon! We talk about the sometimes convoluted story line and how the characters shined through time traveling, past lives, and everything in between. Kate brings us through her gate-way anime and teaches Matt and Adrian about creator, Naoko Takeuchi’s long road to fame in a male dominated industry, the Sailor Scouts’ genre defining story lines, and it’s ability to succeed on Toonami. We also talk about how  the show as able to teach viewers through its “Sailor Says” PSAs, it’s strong message of girl power, friendship, and the path it opened for LGBT+ representation in animation (especially in the States). With it’s brand new revamping in Sailor Moon Crystal, more than 20 years out from its debut, the Sailor Moon series still holds a valuable place in fans’ hearts. But why tho?


Sailor Say’s compilation video
Sailor Moon IRL

Sailor Moon meets Metal music from the intro/outro
By 331Rock

*Answer to why Mercury’s powers are water based: Roman mythology.
Each of the Sailor Scouts’ powers are not only tied to the planets,
but also to the gods and goddess that they are named after.*

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2 Comments on “Episode 18: Sailor Moon Matters…But Why Tho?”

  1. As a Moonie, I was interested for purely that reason. I did however only make it through about 15 minutes. There was a lot of factual errors with the storyline, particularly with R that I couldn’t get past. This is understandable if you haven’t reread the manga or rewatched the anime recently. I would just suggest possibly having a storyline with key character discriptions and event notes.

    I mean this as constructive criticism only and promise I will go back so I may listen all the way through! Also, I will probably have to listen to the DBZ one as well. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the input! Initially in our showprep, Kate had extensive synopsis for each season bringing including the big bads and the character developments in each season. For time and to try to explain the story to Matt and Adrian she had to adjust on the fly and got a little turned around. Would it help to post corrections in the ahownotes for other Moonies out there?

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