30 Day Cosplay Challenge: Day 1

Your first cosplay:
My first cosplay was actually of a Mandalorian from Star Wars. I have no clue why I decided to start out with a costume that was heavy on armor but I did and it absolutely killed me (I really had no clue what I was doing). I would not recommend a costume that has a large amount of armor for any beginner unless you’re ready to spend a LOT of time on it (seriously, it took me a year to do this costume). It didn’t turn out horrible, but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I redid it a year later. I actually swore off making any more cosplays after my first try because this one was so hard; obviously I didn’t stick to that. I used Sentra for the armor. Not for any specific reason. I could have used EVA foam… But I wasn’t aware that even existed at the time. I also didn’t have many friends into cosplay at the time so I never got any good pictures of my costume (hence why the featured image is a selfie in a bathroom… Wow, I was so lonely back then). The real point to this post, however, is that you will never be satisfied with your cosplay. You may redo a cosplay more than once as your skills progress. As of this year, it will be the third time I redo my Mandalorian armor.

Have fun, guys.


Author: quinnhiers

When my father wasn't looking, I used to sneak into the attic to read his old comic books. After being regaled by spandex-clad superheroes at a young age, it's not a wonder I became such a huge nerd. From comics, to movies, to video games, to cartoons, my life has only been bettered by nerd culture and the many people I've met along the way who've shared my obsessions. My first plunge into cosplaying was when I was 18. I went to an anime convention and my costume was absolutely horrible. But, despite this, I loved the atmosphere and the people, so I kept making costumes. My love of cosplaying has only increased, so I'm here to get people interested in costume-making and give as much advice as I can.

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