BullS#@! Corner: Dreamhack Austin 2017


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Last week, Kate, Quinn (our resident cosplay tutorial blogger), and Matt (our budget guy and Kate’s S/O) went to Dreamhack Austin 2017. As only the second DHATX and their first, they were surprised to see the differences between a giant LAN party, Esports tournament hub, and the traditional comic/gaming expo hall. They talk cosplay, the tournaments – a lot of Hearthstone – and the awesome charities that were there this year. If you went to DHATX17, let us know how you think it went and what you think we missed!

— The #AlliedStrong Hi-Rez charity stream took place a year ago.
— The pro team name we couldn’t remember was Tempo Storm


Praxon Haraax  (Zero Suit Samus)
Facebook | Instagram |Twitch

Stephen Richarme (Hook, Once Upon a Time)

Daedal Diamond Cosplay & Props (McCree Crossplay, Overwatch group)
Facebook | Instagram 

Asgardner (Diva, Overwatch)

NA-54 Cosplay (Bastion, Overwatch)

Quinn (Kolivan, Voltron)
Instagram | Tumblr | Website

Tournament Winners/Standings
Super Smash Bros. 4: TSM | Zero (Diddy Kong, Lucina)
Super Smash Bros. Melee:  
Liquid | Hungry Box

Street Fighter V:  PG|Punk

Hearthstone: Vicious Syndicate Gaming | Shoop

Starcraft II: American Protoss | Neeb

Counterstrike Go (CSGo): Gambit Esports

Gamers Outreach Foundation
Instagram| Facebook | Twitter
How to get involved — Project GO Kart | Fundraise | Donate

1Up on Cancer
Twitch | Facebook |Twitter
How to get involved — Newsletter | Start a Charity Stream | Donate

Jakku Temple Sabre Guild of Central Texas
Facebook | Twitter 
How to get involved — Charity Work

David “Allied” Hance
How to contribute in his name — Luminosity Gaming Jersey (all proceeds go to cancer research) | Allied stream shitrts (proceeds go to help his family)


Think we missed something? Send us an email, a tweet, or a Facebook comment! Matt will makes sure to cover it on The Other Side of the Wormhole! The side-show that talks about all the things we wanted to say and just couldn’t fit into the episode.


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