Arklife Episode 1

Ark Survival Evolved. A game that is yet to be officially released, yet has been playable since December 16th, 2015. Produced by an independent developer, Studio Wildcard, the game has already amassed an impressive 4.3/5 stars on the from over twelve thousand ratings. But why is the game so popular when it hasn’t even been officially released yet? Ark is of a genre similar to Rust, in the sense that it is a survival game, (as stated in the title!) but with the added twist of there being dinosaurs absolutely everywhere! When first loading the game, you create a character through a creation screen which those of you who have played with this or seen videos of others will know, this can be hilarious! Seriously, you can make some real monsters in that creation menu! Anyway, when spawning your freshly created character, you will notice them look to their left wrist and scratch at a diamond shaped implant that would appear to have been placed into their body before waking up on a beach somewhere! Little is currently known about this implant due to the lack of storyline in the game at the time of writing. There are also columns of light falling from the sky which are actually supply drops of various levels, giving you a wide array of drops, from basic building materials, to well crafted weaponry or blueprints. There are also three massive pillars floating in the sky at certain points in the maps as well. These serve as a sort of hub for late game features as this is where you can teleport to the domains of different in game bosses, as well as a couple other features that we can explore at a different point!
The main selling point for this game is the fact that you can tame and ride the dinosaurs that you will find across the different maps. Each one has its own unique uses. Some dinosaurs such as the Rex are designed for killing and harvesting meat, whereas a Trike (Triceratops) is designed for harvesting berries and thatch. Also, each dinosaur has a couple of different ways of taming them. Most tames require knocking the dino out with the use of blunt weapons or arrows dipped in narcotic. From there, you would need to feed the dino a food that it enjoys, some are more effective than others though, so that is always something to think about. On official servers, the maximum dinosaur level is 150, with the lowest being 5. The higher the level, the longer the tame and the better the dino you will have when it is fully tame.

Dino Showcase

 For our first Dino Showcase i would like to introduce you to the humble Dodo! The simplest of tames and found in abundance along beaches and fields. The dodo can easily be knocked out by punching it with bare fists whilst making a derpy squak sound as it protests to your violence. Once unconscious, the dodo will eat any berry except narcoberries or stimberries. Mejoberries are their favorite and they will eat these over any other. You will also need narcoberries to force feed it to keep it unconscious as you tame it. Later in the game when you have access to a Mortar and Pestle, you can grind these berries down with some spoiled meat and make a substance called Narcotic. This is much more effecting at keeping dinosaurs unconscious. I would advise taming a male dodo and at least a couple of females. The purpose of this is to ‘mate boost’ the females, which will get them to lay more eggs. These eggs can be used to make dodo egg kibble later in the game once you are able to make crop plots and grow vegetables. This kibble is the best possible food for taming a Pteranadon, the easiest bird to tame that will allow you to fly! The eggs are also a very good source of food! These little guys don’t actually have any purpose other than this as they are not strong enough to defend against any attacking players or dinos!

Survivors Log: Xbox One Server 396. Log 1.

I’m on the left & Digger is on the right.

Having been on Ark again for a few weeks, it is safe to say that our tribe is well established. Building a tribe in PVE is so much easier than it was in PVP. Not constantly having to worry about what i will find when i go back home is a relief but part of me misses the thrill of the fight. We made friends quickly and have a really good relationship with a tribe called The Green Funk. They have been more than welcoming when it comes to including us to the server and even allowed us to build close to their base so that they can help us develop and grow. Without them, we would be nowhere near as well established as we are today. Our tribe leader, Digger, wont be here for another week so he left me in charge. We also have Nigel and Callie as well as myself as tribal elders. I have been in contact with Digger and was able to seek his advise when a member of the tribe took Callie’s Argentavis without permission and resulted in its death. We sent Pajeema on his way after this incident, but made sure he took all of his dinosaurs and materials with him. He is still around and we do occasionally see him, so we know he is well and progressing. About this time last week, i found an abandoned base and found no signs of life at all, including tames. After a discussion with the other elders, we decided to explore and salvage anything we could find. In a semi-hidden room, i found a fridge which had clearly not had power for a few days as the generator was out of gasoline. Inside we found a plethora of different eggs and kibble that hadn’t gone bad! With these various kibbles, we gained the possibility of taming so many different dinosaurs and this will be huge in advancing our progression!

Space on the beach is starting to run out as we expand buildings and tame dinosaurs so i am honestly thinking about moving away. The only problem with this would be too far away from the rest of the tribe if there was any trouble. But on the plus side, i could find a place to live where there is plenty of space for me to build, live and grow. I think i have found a location but i will talk about that if i decide that it is where i want to be. I should also speak to the elders to get their opinions about moving away from the current base.

Author: Slayerwolfman

Editor for ButWhyTho the podcast. 23 years old, living in England after completing my BA Hons Degree in Commercial Music. Performing musically on a weekly basis as well as a bassist and vocalist. Passionate gamer currently spending most of my spare time playing Ark Survival Evolved when I'm not working or editing! Xbox one: ASABM117 Twitter: @AsaBigM Instagram: asabigmountain

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