FOX’s X-Men TV Series (Gifted) and Everything We Know About It

FOX’s X-Men series producer, Lauen Shuler Donner tweeting from a table reading:

The title is “Gifted.” Since we have a title now, let’s look at what we know about the series so far:

  • The cast includes:
    Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time) — Blink
    Blair Redford (Switched at Birth, Satisfaction) — Thunderbird;
    Emma Dumont (Pretty Little Liars) — Polaris.
    Sean Teale (Reign) — Eclipse (a mutant created for the show)
    Stephen Moyer (True Blood) —  attorney named Reed (I was pulling for the ragin’ Cajun)
    Amy Acker (the Whedon-verse, Person of Interest) — Reed’s estranged wife, Kate
    Natalie Alyn Lind (Gotham) — one of the couple’s mutant children, Lauren;
    Percy Hynes White (Defiance) as Andy
    Coby Bell (Burn Notice) as Jace
    Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals)
  • It’s connected to the X-Men cinematic universe
  • Written by Burn Notice’s Matt Nix
  • The pilot will be directed by X-Men alum, Bryan Singer
  • Is being created by Marvel and Fox

Author: Kate Sanchez

As the in-resident scholar, most of my blogs will discuss heavier issues: representation, gender, race, etc. I believe that pop culture teaches us things and I look forward to letting you know what see when I watch movies, read comics, play games, and binge watch 26 episodes in one sitting. But don't worry some posts about my feels and I won't always talk about the heavy things (just a lot of the time).

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